Member Bundles


Three bundle options are available to ASTC member organizations—including both Science Center and Museum Members and Allied Members—which allow you to purchase a set of registrations at a greatly reduced price.

We hope that these member bundles not only provide a significant savings to ASTC member organizations, but also encourage our members to enable a larger breadth and depth of their teams to participate in #ASTCvirtual, including junior and front-line staff as well as areas of your organization that are often not as represented as others.

We encourage you to not only include regular staff at your organization in your bundle purchase, but also board members, committed volunteers, and close community partners.

Three different bundle options are available, and chief executives of ASTC-member organizations may purchase more than one bundle to fit the size of your team.

We ask you to purchase your bundles by Friday, October 21, to allow time for your team to submit their registrations before the event.

Full Member Bundle

Ten (10) registrations for those affiliated with your organization


Half Member Bundle

Five (5) registrations for those affiliated with your organization


Unlimited Member Bundle

Registration for anyone affiliated with your organization


Member Bundles Purchased

Thanks to the following ASTC members who have purchased member bundles for their teams:

If you are affiliated with any of these organizations, contact your leadership to see if you can be a part of the bundle before submitting an individual registration for #ASTCvirtual.

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