The Leaders in Science and Technology Engagement Networks, or LISTEN Network, connects and supports perspectives from across the science-engagement ecosystem, including informal science education, public engagement, journalism and science writing, live events, community science, and science-communication training.

LISTEN network participants work to nurture relationships among all people and science, and together envision a world where everyone can participate in, use, learn from, and guide science. Launched in January 2020 with the generous support of The Kavli Foundation, the LISTEN network is a supportive space for learning and collective action.

A Commitment to Honoring Community Priorities

The LISTEN Network is committed to putting community first in science engagement and to advancing diversity, accessibility, equity, and inclusion in their work with each other and within their networks. Embedding these principles into LISTEN’s work entails naming and challenging systemic structures of exclusion and being grounded in the realities of systemic racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression.

Current Work of the Network

The needs and interests of LISTEN Network participants guide the efforts of the network. In 2020, LISTEN is exploring how to create more inclusive and equitable environments for science engagement and pathways for shifting how science engagement is encouraged, recognized, and rewarded. The network is also exploring additional opportunities for resource sharing and partnership building in response to the economic vulnerability of science-engagement organizations and their partners brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ASTC’s Role in the LISTEN Network

ASTC provides network-coordination support for the LISTEN Network, with Eve Klein serving as LISTEN’s network manager. Want to learn more or have questions? Email Eve.

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