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All of the projects in this library were developed by ASTC-member museums that received IF/THEN® Gender Equity Grant from ASTC and the IF/THEN® Initiative during Round One or Two. Museums and other educational organizations can adapt and replicate these projects for use in their own institutions.

Using the library

This library is organized by category: printable panels and banners; digital media; programs and activities; and supplemental materials. Select one of the categories below to access that section of the library and explore each related project. All projects featured in the library include example photos or videos, as well as an instructional document describing the ways that each project can be modified, suggestions for implementation, and more. 

Ready to get started?

Just email the project team with the name(s) of your selected project(s) and we will share the project files with you!

IF/THEN® Project Library

Printable Panels & Banners

Projects that include printable displays such as exhibit panels, posters, pop-up banners, and more.
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Digital Media

Projects that require digital screens to display in your museum.
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Programs & Activities

These program outlines incorporate hands-on activities and highlight IF/THEN® Ambassador career connections.
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Supplemental Materials

From selfie backdrops to social media posts, these activities can be added on to enhance other projects in the IF/THEN® Project Library.
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