Ensuring access to opportunity for all—and tackling today’s global challenges—requires harnessing the results of scientific research and technological development through innovative approaches to lifelong learning and deep community engagement. 

In October, leaders in science, technology, education, cultural institutions, community organizations, public agencies, and philanthropy will come together virtually to explore new frontiers of science, technology, learning, and community engagement as we set course together toward a more equitable tomorrow.

The ASTC Annual Conference is one of the premier annual events for science-engagement professionals and leaders in science and technology centers and museums as well as allied organizations across North America and around the world.

Although we will be convening virtually in 2020, we will still be building from the experience of our planned host city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The city is a national—and international—model for how communities can leverage science and technology supported by collaboration among world-class research institutions, entrepreneurs, private-sector innovation, evidence-based policymaking, and a vibrant learning ecosystem that spans schools, community organizations, and cultural institutions that support engagement among all people in the community.

In collaboration with our member institutions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—Carnegie Science Center and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh—we are joining with a wide range of local academic, technological, and educational organizations as partners. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to explore Pittsburgh innovation and learning ecosystems—as practiced by organizations such as Remake Learning—and be inspired by the good work happening in Pittsburgh that will be woven throughout the fabric of the conference experience.

The program is being reformulated to accommodate changing circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for additional information.

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