ASTC 2023 Annual Conference - Charlotte, North Carolina

ASTC 2023 Annual Conference

October 7–10, 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


ASTC 2023 is going green!

ASTC is committed to making the ASTC Annual Conference as sustainable as possible, including an encouragement to “offset” the planetary health costs of your participation in the conference:

Planetary Health “Offset”

As part of our commitment to planetary health, ASTC is providing an opportunity for registrants to opt-in for an “offset” that helps us at least partially compensate for the impacts of travel, such as carbon emissions and air pollution. We encourage all conference registrants to take advantage of this simple way to help offset the impact of your participation.

In order to keep the benefits of this “offset” local, ASTC will be directing all contributions to TreesCharlotte, a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with a mission to grow, diversify and steward Charlotte’s iconic urban forest, and to educate residents on the value of trees and how to plant and care for them. A healthy tree canopy means clean air, fresh water, storm water mitigation, cooler temperatures, healthier citizens and natural beauty. Your “offset” will help to fund TreesCharlotte’s primary programs of tree plantings (TreeDays), tree distributions (TreeAdoptions), and tree stewardship (TreeCare) events, and as well as education and outreach programs for children and adults. Since its inception, TreesCharlotte has planted or distributed over 54,000 trees and held over 430 community Tree events. In addition, TreesCharlotte has engaged over 29,000 volunteers and taught thousands of students and residents about tree care.

The suggested donation is $25, which is the approximate carbon cost for an average flight to Charlotte, and which also covers half the cost of planting a tree.


ASTC and our partners are taking a number of other steps to maximize the sustainability of the conference, including the following:

To maximize, the value of attending in person, ASTC has prioritized the selection and curation of sessions and experiences at conference that take full advantage of the ability to come together physically.

This includes selecting learning sessions that promise interactivity, exchange, and co-creation that benefit from being in the same space.

It also includes thoughtful planning for the networking, informal, and social events that maximize the ability of our community to come together and connect, which is an important goal of the conference.

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