Our Strategic Direction

ASTC’s strategy focuses on the meaningful participation of ASTC members and partners toward a positive shared future, as they engage their communities in science and technology.

Our Vision

Increased understanding of—
and engagement with—
science and technology among all people

Our Purpose

To champion and support science and technology
centers and museums

The Work of Our Members

Graphic displaying the work of our members: support lifelong science learning, connect science and society, engage diverse communities, and partner to tackle global and local challenges.

ASTC leadership engaged in an intensive, year-long process of listening to our members and partners about the opportunities and challenges they see in their work and how ASTC can support their needs and aspirations.

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Our Guiding Principles

At the heart of our strategic direction is a commitment to work inclusively, collaboratively, humbly, and effectively with members and partners.

The Three Pillars of Our Strategic Direction

The strategy is focused on delivering supports to help our members to thrive—now and in the future. This commitment runs through each of the three pillars of our new strategic direction:

1: Champion Public Engagement With Science

ASTC will do this by elevating the work of science centers and museums, forging new collaborations across the science-engagement ecosystem, and investing in communications and advocacy.

2: Set Course Together for New Frontiers
We will do this by supporting our members to prepare and lead with their communities, act on market and societal trends, and embrace effective approaches that advance equitable engagement in science and technology.
3: Support and Connect Members

We will do this by facilitating learning and collaboration among members, spreading ideas that work, and cultivating leadership skills across our members’ workforce.

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Inclusive and Participatory Governance

As one step in our commitment to our guiding principles, the ASTC Board of Directors has approved an update to ASTC’s Bylaws, in the spirit of making ASTC’s governance processes more transparent, inclusive, and engaging for our members. These bylaws updates, effective October 1, 2019, include:

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Connect with Us

Share your thoughts on this direction and let us know how else we can support your efforts at ideas@astc.org.

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