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What is the Toolkit?

The IF/THEN® Gender Representation Toolkit is a packet of materials designed to help your institution collect data on the representation of gender in the images and videos displayed in your museum content, including exhibits, websites, program materials, signage, and more. This data can be used to inform changes at your museum, and contribute to a field-wide report on the state of gender representation in science centers.

Goals for using this Toolkit
  • Help science centers and museums collect data on their visual representation of gender
  • Contribute to a field-wide understanding of how science centers are representing gender to identify areas of improvement and better determine the resources needed for growth
  • Prompt conversations between museum staff about gender equity and support your organization’s broader Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Equity efforts
Benefits for Your Museum

Museums that use the toolkit will be eligible to:

  • Receive a report on field-wide trends;
  • Join a nationwide peer network of science museums committed to gender equity through an ASTC Community of Practice;
  • Access the IF/THEN® Collection, a digital library of free photos and videos featuring inspiring women in STEM that ASTC members can use to increase their representation of women; and
  • Apply for IF/THEN® Grant funding by proposing a project that addresses gender equity in your museums.


Cover and assessment tool instruction page from the IF/THEN Gender Representation Toolkit.

In this toolkit you will find
  • An assessment tool to collect data on gender representation at your museum
  • Guides for two planning, discussion, and debrief sessions designed for museum staff to complete before and after using the tool
  • Rules and definitions on how to use the assessment tool, including a one-page guide for data collectors
  • Additional resources, including FAQ and suggestions for further reading
Your team will need
  • A toolkit coordinator responsible for recruiting data collectors, organizing training and discussion sessions for staff, and ensuring data is collected and reported.
  • Data collectors will use the assessment tool to collect data on the content areas chosen by the toolkit coordinator. Staff members in any role and from any department may act as data collectors. You may choose to have as many data collectors participate as needed.
  • A data reporter will gather data collection sheets from data collectors, enter them into a spreadsheet, and email data to ASTC.  The provided spreadsheet will provide a quick overview of statistics from your organization’s data, and will contribute to ASTC’s data collection for a field-wide report.
Time Commitment
  • 1–3 hours for tool administrator to prepare training sessions
  • 2 hours per data collector to attend training and discussion sessions
  • 1–4 hours per data collector to collect data using the tool
  • 1–2 hours for data reporter to enter resulting data into the spreadsheet
Have Questions?

Read our FAQ and Resources, or email Amanda Fisher.

Ready to get started?

Watch a recording of our informational webinar.

Follow the link below and complete a short form to download PDF files of the toolkit and all accompanying materials.

The IF/THEN® Coalition includes partners across industries undertaking projects to increase the representation of women in STEM. In its role as an IF/THEN® Coalition Member, ASTC is creating a gender representation toolkit, awarding grants, and developing a digital library with photos and videos of women in STEM.

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